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January 26, 2009


Geoff was one of the corral counselors in 1963 (the other was Rusty-anyone remember Rusty's last name?)
[click on any photo to enlarge]
Sometime in 1968 or so, Neil went to see Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant and recognized Geoff as the actor who played Arlo's sidekick, Roger. It turns out that Geoff and Arlo were friends since their early days in Brooklyn, and later attended the Stockbridge School together, where they formed a band.
Steve Elliot, Geoff, Jeff Boverman, and Arlo (dig Arlo!!) performing at the Stockbridge School gym in 1963

Anyway, in my attempt to find Geoff, I came across some great photos of him over the years, and some great multimedia-type stuff which I thought would be fun to share with you. By the way, I heard from Niles Fuller, who took the 2004 photo of Geoff, that as far as he knew Geoff was still living in Austin.

Geoff as "Roger" in the Stockbridge
jail with Arlo,
from Alice's Restaurant, 1968

Arlo and Geoff, Austin, Texas, 1988

Geoff, 2004 [photo by niles j. fuller © 2004]
On the 40th anniversary of his "Alice's Restaurant Massacree", Arlo tells the story behind "Alice's Restaurant" to Debbie Elliott of NPR's "All Things Considered". To listen to the entire interview, click [here] to open the NPR page, and then on the NPR Listen Button button.
Finally, Geoff appears in the original 3 1/2 minute movie trailer. Just click on the Play Play Button Button in the middle of the image below, and see how many times you can spot him.

[Hint-if your computer is relatively new, try watching in full screen mode by clicking on the little rectangle below the word "YOU" in YOU TUBE]


Neil Leibowitz said...

I remember Rusty's last name being Stewart. Does this ring a bell?

Corinne said...

Yup - I think you're right. Rusty Stewart. Is that Debbie Chernock on the horse?

Bob Eber said...

Geoff apparently is still in the music business in Austin. He plays with a group backing up an intriguing singer named Teresa Leticia De La Vega. Born in Texas, she spent many summers at her grandfather's ranch at Rancho Viejo, Mexico, which is the name of the CD with Geoff. Want to hear samples? Click here and scroll down the page a bit to the track listing. You can buy the CD from the CD Universe page or from Amazon or Tower Records. Incidentally, a great place to save money on CDs, DVDs and books is I just ordered a never played copy of Geoff's CD, with a scratched out bar code on the case for $5.50 ($2.50 shipping). I've bought books, CDs and DVDs there, some in "very good" condition, and never had a problem. While we're at it, check out the deals on for the Alice's Restaurant DVD. You should get it - or take it out from your library. The Thanksgiving garbage story forms the core of a larger portrait of the social and moral divide that existed in our country in the late '60s -- that was our time, folks!
If you have any thoughts on any of this that you'd like to share, please leave them in the "Leave you comment" box on this page or by clicking on the word "comments" in orange below the original post. Be sure to leave your name by checking the "Name/URL" button. And Neil and Corinne - now that you've answered the question as to Rusty's last name, what was his real given first name? Anyone?

Debi Chernocck said...

YES CORINNE - you are correct - that is me, Debi Chernock, on the horse with Geoff. Thanks for noticing - I can always count on you! ;-)

rochelletx said...

Geoff Outlaw passed away sometimes last weekend. He lived next door to me for the past 20 or so years in Cedar Park, TX. He influenced many with his love of music. He will certainly be missed