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The Chic-a-Lac Blog is finally undergoing renovation, rehabilitation, revision, renewal, reorganization, revitalization and resuscitation. All of this is happening in stages. Some of the old features are gone, such as the Virtual Patio Message Board which is no longer supported, some have been updated like the Youngsville weather thingy, many of the links, like the Camp Album, in the right sidebar and in the posts themselves need relinking in order to work and some new material and features will be added. So please bear with us if some of the things just don't seem to work right. And please feel free to pass along your thoughts, ideas and even a minor criticism or two. You can always reach the blog by clicking on this button Ca. Chic a Lac Mail Thanks for your understanding.

January 26, 2007


"Well I found the picture of my bunk from chic a lac, I knew I would eventually. Here it comes!" "The names over the faces are, counter clockwise, Janet Reiss, me, Rochelle Rosenstein, Marcie Silverberg, Sue, Rochelle Greenstein".

January 25, 2007


My name is Phil Edwards and I was a counselor at Chic-A-Lac from 1957-1960, which makes it 50 years since my first summer there. I always remember fondly my years there and often think back on those great summers. I worked with Rocky & Ronnie Ratner, Alex Frankel and many others. I discovered this web site my accident and it's been great looking back on those old photos, especially finding myself in the picture of Chick-A Woo lodge from 1960. I have a few old photos of my own, and if I can find it, I even appear in a camp postcard that was printed up and used at the time. I spent most of my working life in law enforcement, and retired in 2002 as a New York State Parole Officer. I currently live on Long Island, and can be reached at-- *********************************************** The 2 counselors, in rear, on either end, are Charley Dillahay and Leo_____? Year is unsure, but I was there from 1957-1960 and it brings back memories. Phil *********************************************** I have a few old photos if I can find them. I also still have the shirt I'm wearing in the 1960 photo-saved it as a souvenir.