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August 17, 2010

OMG! Chic-a-Dee! For Sale?

Originally listed at just $179,900. 
(The picture is from original listing)

It was sold for $189,000. We should have bid and held our reunions there. Can you just imagine? 

August 1, 2010


This picture captures so much of the joy Morty obviously got from reuniting with everyone from camp, and how much of that joy he was able to impart to us. That joy, that laughter, that warmth, was infectious and will remain with us always.

July 30, 2010


Of  the many wonderful things that came out of that magical 2005 reunion, reuniting with Morty, and for 5 years being able to laugh with him, reminisce with him, hug him, kiss him on top of that head, and just to be with him, was one of the very best, even if it means that I cry today. But the memories of all that laughter, and all that warmth, at camp nearly a half century ago and over the past 5 years, will make all of us wipe away the tears and laugh again.  With Morty, you just won't be able to help yourself.
[click on the photos to enlarge]

And less than 3 weeks ago, when we laughed together for the last time

And damn it Morty - I don't care what you do. I was the Waterfront Director in 1963.

July 21, 2010


On July 11, "The Committee" met in Deedle's meticulously kept and always spotless dining room, to plan for the next reunion based in large part on the responses (23) to the Reunion Survey. Morty looks and sounds great as you can see in this candid, unposed, and casual photo taken lovingly by Betty Steuer.
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Morty brought with him a moldy box of slides. Unfortunately, they were not dated. But we had them scanned, and they now reside in a Picasa web album. To see the slide show, click on the ungapotchke "View Morty's Album" button under the sample photo, and you should be taken to album page. (Don't know if you'll have to first sign in with your google account). The click on "slideshow". Hint - if you click on the F11 key, you'll see all the photos in full screen. Please, please help identify everybody (and dating the shots) by clicking on the word "comments(s) " at the end of this post. And keep watching your e-mail and this page for more details about the reunion.

March 19, 2010


Last Saturday evening, March 13, Gary and Rhonda Nestle came up from Orange County to join my brother and sister-in-law, Les and Judy, and me at Charlie O's in Valley Glen, in the San Fernando Valley. Charlie O's has been voted by Downbeat Magazine as one of 100 best jazz clubs in the world three years in a row, and that night it certainly lived up to its reputation. It attracts the best jazz musicians in the area. We were lucky enough to see, hear and enjoy Chuck Manning, an incredibly talented saxophonist, playing with the John Heard Trio, with Andy Langham on piano, Roy McCurdy on drums, and John Heard, who has played with every famous jazz musician in the world, on bass. For years, Gary has been playing drums professionally, and his enthusiasm for the music and the quality of the musicians was contagious. The New Castle Brown Ale wasn't bad, either. It was just a great evening. I kept shaking my head at the thought of what I would have said if someone had told me during my last summer at Chic-a-Lac that in 47 years I'd be sitting in a jazz club outside Los Angeles enjoying great music and having beers with one my campers and his wife. Mind boggling.
[Hint: click on the highlighted links above for more information and to hear samples of some great jazz!]

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Les, Judy, Rhonda, Gary, and me

Andy Langham, piano, Chuck Manning, saxophone,
John Heard, bass, Roy McCurdy, drums

So, if you live in the L.A. area, or are just visiting, and want to hear some classy, live jazz, head over to Charlie O's -- you'll enjoy every note. And check out the Charlie O's site for some great jazz links.

January 18, 2010


December 6, 2009. Somewhere in New Rochelle, New York.  
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Is anyone listening to me?
I move we adjourn to eat the cookies.

Is that thing on?

I got it! We'll play "Spin The Chicken"!
Quick-someone say something funny!
That's better.