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The Chic-a-Lac Blog is finally undergoing renovation, rehabilitation, revision, renewal, reorganization, revitalization and resuscitation. All of this is happening in stages. Some of the old features are gone, such as the Virtual Patio Message Board which is no longer supported, some have been updated like the Youngsville weather thingy, many of the links, like the Camp Album, in the right sidebar and in the posts themselves need relinking in order to work and some new material and features will be added. So please bear with us if some of the things just don't seem to work right. And please feel free to pass along your thoughts, ideas and even a minor criticism or two. You can always reach the blog by clicking on this button Ca. Chic a Lac Mail Thanks for your understanding.

October 30, 2007


[click on photo to enlarge]
On October 24, 2007, Marcy Silverberg Pulewitz, Rocky Rattner, Carol Deedledum Galetz, Vic Greenhut, Paul Auerbach, and I got together at the "Catskill On Film" discussion at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, in Battery Park City, New York. The event was hosted by Prof. Phil Brown of Brown University (rah), founder and head of The Catskills Institute, and featured Shelly Altman, screenwriter, Sweet Lorraine; Pamela Gray, screenwriter, A Walk on the Moon; and Joan Micklin Silver, director, Hester Street and Crossing Delancey (click here to see a detailed description of the program and the museum exhibit). Carol, Rocky, and Paul Auerbach particularly have had strong family ties to the Catskills, with Paul's family having owned the Lesser Lodge in White Sulphur Springs. The movie clips were classics and caught much of the essence of the Catskill culture. As always happens when Chic-a-Lac refugees gather, we had lots of laughs and a wonderful time, although we felt a bit constrained since Dr. Ruth was sitting right in front of us. For the next mini-reunion, how about renting both movies and inviting Shecky Greene?

October 9, 2007


Grab a pencil. Make sure your sound and speakers are on. Then, after each bugle call, click on the button, or if that doesn't work, try clicking on the button. Listen to the bugle call (patience - you may have to wait a few seconds or hit a "Play" or "OK" button to get going), and jot down your best guess at its name. When you're all done, click on "Comments" at the bottom of the post. Copy your answers (and leave any other laudatory remarks) in the box that opens up, MAKING SURE TO LEAVE YOUR NAME, if you want to claim your prize. Answers may one day be posted in the "Links" section of the green sidebar. And who knows - prizes might even be awarded at the 2008 SUMMER REUNION.
Lots of luck!
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August 4, 2007

Brunch in Brentwood Aug 4, 2007

We located Mike Lager through his brother Richard (but that's another story) on Thursday; Gary Nestle had been traveling, but called Friday as soon as he saw my email; and we got together on Saturday. Mike came down from Encino, Gary came up from Huntington Beach, and we had breakfast, appropriately, at N.Y. Bagel. We were joined by Mike's friend Judy (in the turquoise), my sister-in-law Judy (in the blue) and my brother Les (behind the camera) who taught Mike when he was a Fellow in Cardiology at UCLA Medical Center nearly 35 years ago, and who hadn't seen him since. So it was quite the wonderful reunion with some very special people. [click on either photo to enlarge]

July 12, 2007


A delightful impromptu get-together with Bob Weiss, his wife Anne, Carol and Corinne. Anne, who took the photo, is warm, charming and very engaging. And we're all invited to So. Padre Island for the next reunion!

May 31, 2007


If you'd like to proudly display this on your car, click on the license plate and be the first to follow instructions on the Motor Vehicle Department site. When you get it, be sure to take a picture for all of us to see!
(The possibilities are endless. For example, click [here] to see some other available plates).

April 29, 2007


Carol, Sidelle and I got together 2 weeks ago for lunch. It was an unusually cold and windy day here (68 degrees!), so we ate outdoors on the water. This place has been one of my haunts since moving to Florida, back in 1974.

March 20, 2007

With Great Reminiscences of Uncle Mortie

strolling down memory lane Well, hi. Despite the fact that I went to Camp Chic-a-Lac for six summers, I found all of one picture that I could absolutely identify as me in the hundreds on your site. Maybe I was just imagining it all? Anyway, I looked up the website because I wanted to thank Uncle Morty after all these years for being so wonderful to me. When I was sick in the infirmary, he made sure that I got to participate in a raffle ... stuff like that. Lots of stuff like that. I had a hard time fitting in and Uncle Morty made sure I wasn't excluded. I remember all the camp songs and have shared some of them with my kids (to their dismay). Movie nights on Thursdays, hot dogs and beans; tuna for lunch on Thursday. I was friends with one of the blind girls -- Cindy Helfond. Sometimes I wonder what happened to her, and to some of the others, but it amazes me to see how much I've forgotten. I didn't think I would ever forget. So, hi from Debbie Korn, Chic-a-lac camper from 1960-1964. I am now a professor at the University of Montana and wish to thank you for doing this for me! Debbie ***************** I remember a lot of the people you mention. Debbie Chernock and I are the same age and were roommates once or twice, I think. I also have wonderful memories of Aunt Ethel and Uncle Roy. Don't worry about the lack of any pictures of me. I was a chubby little misfit and found it hard to make friends. Klutzy to boot! I did like waterfront, though, except I decided to get phobic about diving and refused to do it, kinda screwing up my opportunities to progress through Red Cross training. Sometimes a counselor would take pity on me and pass me anyway. I do also remember Carol Deedledum - she gave me a nice part in Mary Poppins - and Corinne, etc. All good people. Sure, you can post my info. I'll write more when I have a decent opportunity. And thanks again. Debbie ***************** [Debbie's e mail is:. To send her a message, just click on her address]

February 1, 2007

New Photos on Yahoo Photo Site

Uncle Carl apparently took many color slides at Chicalac throughout the years. Some were taken very early on, at the camp's beginning. Others in the latter years, in the mid 1960s. I am in the process of posting them. Take a look at the "Carl's Slides" album at the Flickr photo web site (click on the red text to be taken there). More old black and white shots will be added in the next few days from my collection. Does this shot ever bring back memories! All that's left of the scenery in this shot shot is the umbrella tree.

January 26, 2007


"Well I found the picture of my bunk from chic a lac, I knew I would eventually. Here it comes!" "The names over the faces are, counter clockwise, Janet Reiss, me, Rochelle Rosenstein, Marcie Silverberg, Sue, Rochelle Greenstein".

January 25, 2007


My name is Phil Edwards and I was a counselor at Chic-A-Lac from 1957-1960, which makes it 50 years since my first summer there. I always remember fondly my years there and often think back on those great summers. I worked with Rocky & Ronnie Ratner, Alex Frankel and many others. I discovered this web site my accident and it's been great looking back on those old photos, especially finding myself in the picture of Chick-A Woo lodge from 1960. I have a few old photos of my own, and if I can find it, I even appear in a camp postcard that was printed up and used at the time. I spent most of my working life in law enforcement, and retired in 2002 as a New York State Parole Officer. I currently live on Long Island, and can be reached at-- *********************************************** The 2 counselors, in rear, on either end, are Charley Dillahay and Leo_____? Year is unsure, but I was there from 1957-1960 and it brings back memories. Phil *********************************************** I have a few old photos if I can find them. I also still have the shirt I'm wearing in the 1960 photo-saved it as a souvenir.

January 3, 2007

Chic-a-lac South Dinner

On Dec. 28, a dinner was held at Chic-a-lac South (Casa Chernock). Here is a photo from the evening. A great time was had by all. Ethel made a fabulous chicken marsala!