October 9, 2007


Grab a pencil. Make sure your sound and speakers are on. Then, after each bugle call, click on the button, or if that doesn't work, try clicking on the button. Listen to the bugle call (patience - you may have to wait a few seconds or hit a "Play" or "OK" button to get going), and jot down your best guess at its name. When you're all done, click on "Comments" at the bottom of the post. Copy your answers (and leave any other laudatory remarks) in the box that opens up, MAKING SURE TO LEAVE YOUR NAME, if you want to claim your prize. Answers may one day be posted in the "Links" section of the green sidebar. And who knows - prizes might even be awarded at the 2008 SUMMER REUNION.
Lots of luck!
Bugle Call #1
Bugle Call #2
Bugle Call #3
Bugle Call #4
Bugle Call #5
Bugle Call #6
Bugle Call #7
Bugle Call #8
Bugle Call #9
Bugle Call #10
Bugle Call #11


Neil L said...

I just discovered the bugle calls. This will take some time. The 3rd one is "retreat", and was used for lowering the flag in the evening. This was the same call in the Army as it was at Chicalac. Its a little to late at night to be playing more bugle calls!

Neil L said...

OK, so I couldn't resist playing one more. #4 is reveille, which we woke up....again, same as in the Army....which interestingly enough was only 5 1/2 years after Chicalac.
I'll listen to the rest of these tomorrow.

Corinne said...

#11 - Taps - lights out--time to go to sleep.
Bob, how do you come up with these things? This bugle thing is so great! It brings back so many good memories even if I can't name of the bugle.