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October 30, 2007


[click on photo to enlarge]
On October 24, 2007, Marcy Silverberg Pulewitz, Rocky Rattner, Carol Deedledum Galetz, Vic Greenhut, Paul Auerbach, and I got together at the "Catskill On Film" discussion at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, in Battery Park City, New York. The event was hosted by Prof. Phil Brown of Brown University (rah), founder and head of The Catskills Institute, and featured Shelly Altman, screenwriter, Sweet Lorraine; Pamela Gray, screenwriter, A Walk on the Moon; and Joan Micklin Silver, director, Hester Street and Crossing Delancey (click here to see a detailed description of the program and the museum exhibit). Carol, Rocky, and Paul Auerbach particularly have had strong family ties to the Catskills, with Paul's family having owned the Lesser Lodge in White Sulphur Springs. The movie clips were classics and caught much of the essence of the Catskill culture. As always happens when Chic-a-Lac refugees gather, we had lots of laughs and a wonderful time, although we felt a bit constrained since Dr. Ruth was sitting right in front of us. For the next mini-reunion, how about renting both movies and inviting Shecky Greene?


Neil L said...

Has Rocky taken off this shirt since the reunion in July 2005?

Bob Eber said...

Couldn't tell you. He sat in the back (just kidding).

Corinne said...

Glad to hear you had such a great time but I'm not surprised. We sure do know how to have fun together. As I was looking at the photo all of you at the Catskills on Film event, the photos to the right were running and there was Vic on Gold Rush Day--he looks the same!

Bob Eber said...

Hey Corinne - don't we all?

Marcy Silverberg said...

Whoops! Evidently I need tutorial 101 & 102. Here's the rest of message: Thx also to Carol, Corinne, Rocky, Mort, Neil & everyone else who helped to produce reunion, incl spouses who were all such good sports. Was great to be together again. And yes, Janet & I are still joined at the hip when we're in the same room! Love to all-& thank you... Chicksville Marcy