Blog Update

The Chic-a-Lac Blog is finally undergoing renovation, rehabilitation, revision, renewal, reorganization, revitalization and resuscitation. All of this is happening in stages. Some of the old features are gone, such as the Virtual Patio Message Board which is no longer supported, some have been updated like the Youngsville weather thingy, many of the links, like the Camp Album, in the right sidebar and in the posts themselves need relinking in order to work and some new material and features will be added. So please bear with us if some of the things just don't seem to work right. And please feel free to pass along your thoughts, ideas and even a minor criticism or two. You can always reach the blog by clicking on this button Ca. Chic a Lac Mail Thanks for your understanding.




There are 3 ways to write to the blog:
1. ASK A QUESTION, LEAVE A THOUGHT. Take part in an informal chat in the Virtual Patio Instant Message/Chat Board (right side column of blog). You don't need to be a member. Just enter your name and the text of your message, hit "Submit", and watch it appear immediately.
Suggested uses: Anything. Quick, informal and easy.
2. POST TO THE BLOG. Your posts appear in the larger left-hand column, where they will available for all to see and comments on. To leave a post, you must be a member (see the next hint).
Suggested uses and examples: Starting any new topic, recounting memories of events, people, locations (for example. "Baim's"), setting out thoughts on camping in general, posting pictures, "Who Is That?" or "Whatever Happened To?" contests, in other words - anything. Go beyond Chic A Lac to politics, food, entertainment, food, travel, food. etc.... (Click on "What is a blog" link under Frequently Asked Questions for more suggestions).
3. ADD A COMMENT TO AN EXISTING POST. You don't need to be a member. Simply look at the bottom of the post. Click on the word "comments" -- you'll see all previous comments, if any -- and leave your comments in the entry box. If you're not already a member, you can choose to leave your name or, -- if you're feeling antisocial -- post anonymously. Click the blue "Publish" button and your comment will be attached to the the post in the order it was posted.Suggested uses and examples: Respond or comment on the post topic. Answer a "Who Is That?" contest or add your memories or give some more infortation about the post topic, etc.


You should have received a e mail invitation from the blog. If you didn’t, or the invitation does not work, let me know by e mail or on the Virtual Patio Instant Message Board.

Signing up is much easier than it sounds. Click on the link in e mail invitation. You'll be taken to a page entitled "Create an Account". Choose a "username" and a password for sign-in purposes. For display name, I suggest you use your first and last name. You will also need to enter and e-mail address, but you will see that your e mail address wii not show in your profile so as to avoid additional junk mail. The next page is entitled "Edit User Profile". Check "Share My Profile", and "Show My Real Name". I suggest you leave the "Show My E-mail Address" box unchecked, especially since we all have it anyway. Under "Identity", repeat your Username, your E-mail address, and Display Name. Then again insert your First name and Last name. Skip the photo and audio clip for now - you can add them later. The remaining items will be displayed only to the extent that you complete them. If you would like the rest of us know your birthday, or actual age, please fill it in. If you have a web page you'd like to share, insert the URL. If you have created a Wish List on Amazon or elsewhere, and you think anyone would care, put it here. If you're big on Instant Messaging, you can insert username. Put in your city/town, state, and country. Then, if you like, you can specify your industry and occupation. I started using the "About Me" box for some biographical information in connection with Chic-a-Lac. It may be an interesting place to let everyone know when you were there, and if you are a camper, counselor, waiter, or perhaps, even Second Assistant to the Third Deputy Director. Again, you have complete flexibility (subject to a 1200 character limit), so that if you would like to add items about how you first heard about camp, how much you were paid, how much it cost you (your family), you may do so here. Remember that only the boxes you fill in will be shown, so if you never read a book, leave the favorite books box blank. You can edit your profile at any time. Your name will now appear under the "Members and Profiles" area in the right-hand sidebar, so that we can all click and read about your dirty laundry. For more information, click on the "All About Profiles: FAQ" link on the right. Keep trying, and if you have a problem, let Neil or me know. Good luck!