September 10, 2008


I've starting doing some rummaging around in the NY Times archives - they go back into the 1850s - and have been absolutely amazed at the infinite amount of material waiting to be rediscovered. I thought I'd share a couple of my early Chic-a-Lac related finds. First, I came across the 1953 obituary notice for Rachel Meltzer, mother of Elaine Rattner, Carl, and Faye Posner, and of course Rocky and Ronni's grandmother. Click on the thumbnail image below to view it in its original form. As Roy knows, one of my favorite pastimes is poking around the internet to see what dirt I can find on him. Seriously, Roy is an easy subject because he has left so many historical and indelible "footprints" during his incredibly lustrous, lengthy and varied career. What I found was a quote in an obituary of a friend of his, a gentleman named Henry Laskau, who died in May, 2000. While I'm always happy to see Roy's name in print, I found the story of Mr. Laskau's life fascinating, and I thought I'd share it with you. Again, click on the thumbnail below to read the full article. (You can read more about Henry Laskau, and also learn something about race walking, by reading the first "Comment" below).
Speaking of "finds". I'm putting together a post based on a real "Eureka" discovery that I hope will surprise and delight everyone as much as it did me. Check back in a few days.......