November 1, 2006

Monty Python Tryouts.........???

Nope. Before there was Monty Python's famous drag routine, there was the 1962 Waiter's Revue. This may look like Janet, but it's not. It's Judd, with some support from one of Janet's bathing suits. I am not sure that Janet ever knew that Judd borrowed it. The real question is.....did he ever return it? We'll have to find out the answer to this burning question at our next gathering! As with all photos on this page, click on the photo to get the full screen version. Another 35 or so negatives have been found. They will be posted over the next few days on the photo site.

Oh, The Hardships of Camp!

It wasn't easy being us! Our parents sent us away to camp at age 12 (or younger) for the entire summer. We got saddled with all sorts of chores, and had to work hard to earn our stripes as CITs and Junior Counselors. Here is a rather graphic photo of the hardships we had to endure in our own version of Stalag 17, known as Cherokee Lodge, back in 1960.