January 6, 2006


Picture this: Walking up to the Chernock home in Royal Palm Beach with Susan and Gabe (my older son) just 3 hours after arriving in Florida, full of excitement and anticipation of seeing Roy and Ethel, and Debi and Neil, and being greeted with all the warmth and tenderness of this sign scotched-taped to the front door:
Ethel and Neil smiled and smiled while Roy kept Susan and Gabe totally mesmerized with photos from each one of his more than 1400 track meets...
It was a fun evening. I could have spent hours in Roy's office where he keeps memorabilia from his years as an athlete and coach - there are tons of photos, trophies, articles, and tributes from the kids he coached. And does he have stories! Roy has had and and is having one amazing career. We had lots of laughs. And Ethel and Roy are a great couple. Thanks, guys.
"Another Freakin' Reunion?" Maybe - but I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
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January 3, 2006

CHEROKEE 1958-59?

Corinne e mailed me this photo along with this note: Dear Bob, Maybe we could put this old picture (from 1958 or 1959--I'm not sure) up on the blog site as the 2nd picture that we could talk about. It was sent to me by Monty Brown--the brother of Sindy Brown, first cousin of Marcy Silverburg. Neil Sznitken is in the picture. If you think it would start new conversations, please put it up, if possible. Corinne