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January 3, 2006

CHEROKEE 1958-59?

Corinne e mailed me this photo along with this note: Dear Bob, Maybe we could put this old picture (from 1958 or 1959--I'm not sure) up on the blog site as the 2nd picture that we could talk about. It was sent to me by Monty Brown--the brother of Sindy Brown, first cousin of Marcy Silverburg. Neil Sznitken is in the picture. If you think it would start new conversations, please put it up, if possible. Corinne


Corinne said...

Is that Victor Greenhut in the photo?

Bob Eber said...

Corinne - Suggestion. If you click on the little envelope icon next to tthe "links to this post" phrase underneath your comment, you'll be taken to a screen where you can automatically e mail the post and all comments to whomever you want. Why don't you try putting in Vic's e mail address and sending it off? Maybe we'll get him to comment... Let's hope we get some more pictures.

Neil L said...

This photo is either very blurry, or I'm going to the ophalmologist tomorrow morning!

Phil Edwards said...

The 2 counselors, in rear, on either end, are Charley Dillahay and Leo_____? Year is unsure, but I was there from 1957-1960 and it brings back memories.
Phil Edwards{}

Anonymous said...

One is Jerry Knoff. Another I believe is Marc Lapidas.(they are in the back) The red headed fellow I think his first name is Stan. Victor Greenhut is in the picture.

Anonymous said...

In the second row is a fellow named Robert Rosenbluth and in the front next to Neil S. (on right) I think is Barry Lichenstein(Lord)
It is a start anyway.

Rocky Rattner.

Monty said...

Can anybody tell me what year this was?