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March 20, 2007

With Great Reminiscences of Uncle Mortie

strolling down memory lane Well, hi. Despite the fact that I went to Camp Chic-a-Lac for six summers, I found all of one picture that I could absolutely identify as me in the hundreds on your site. Maybe I was just imagining it all? Anyway, I looked up the website because I wanted to thank Uncle Morty after all these years for being so wonderful to me. When I was sick in the infirmary, he made sure that I got to participate in a raffle ... stuff like that. Lots of stuff like that. I had a hard time fitting in and Uncle Morty made sure I wasn't excluded. I remember all the camp songs and have shared some of them with my kids (to their dismay). Movie nights on Thursdays, hot dogs and beans; tuna for lunch on Thursday. I was friends with one of the blind girls -- Cindy Helfond. Sometimes I wonder what happened to her, and to some of the others, but it amazes me to see how much I've forgotten. I didn't think I would ever forget. So, hi from Debbie Korn, Chic-a-lac camper from 1960-1964. I am now a professor at the University of Montana and wish to thank you for doing this for me! Debbie ***************** I remember a lot of the people you mention. Debbie Chernock and I are the same age and were roommates once or twice, I think. I also have wonderful memories of Aunt Ethel and Uncle Roy. Don't worry about the lack of any pictures of me. I was a chubby little misfit and found it hard to make friends. Klutzy to boot! I did like waterfront, though, except I decided to get phobic about diving and refused to do it, kinda screwing up my opportunities to progress through Red Cross training. Sometimes a counselor would take pity on me and pass me anyway. I do also remember Carol Deedledum - she gave me a nice part in Mary Poppins - and Corinne, etc. All good people. Sure, you can post my info. I'll write more when I have a decent opportunity. And thanks again. Debbie ***************** [Debbie's e mail is:. To send her a message, just click on her address]