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December 16, 2005


An era ends....
  • Baim's
  • ....and a sad footnote (scroll down to 8th obituary)
  • Obituary of Dennis Baim
  • Does anyone have any Baim's stories?


    Neil L said...

    I have no idea how to post a photo, but this link will take you to the photo of Baims that I took this past June.

    Dennis Baim had just died a few weeks before.

    I remember all the towns around the camp, but I have no recollection of Callicoon. Does anyone remember this name?

    Neil L said...

    Well, the full link to the photo didn't come through on the last comment.

    Corinne Weisberg said...

    I'm trying to sign on as a blog member.

    Bob Eber said...

    This is Neil's photo of Baim's he took in June, 2005. Looks like they finally did the tanks and started pumping gas again.
    [click on] Baim's 2005