July 21, 2010


On July 11, "The Committee" met in Deedle's meticulously kept and always spotless dining room, to plan for the next reunion based in large part on the responses (23) to the Reunion Survey. Morty looks and sounds great as you can see in this candid, unposed, and casual photo taken lovingly by Betty Steuer.
[click on the photos to enlarge]

Morty brought with him a moldy box of slides. Unfortunately, they were not dated. But we had them scanned, and they now reside in a Picasa web album. To see the slide show, click on the ungapotchke "View Morty's Album" button under the sample photo, and you should be taken to album page. (Don't know if you'll have to first sign in with your google account). The click on "slideshow". Hint - if you click on the F11 key, you'll see all the photos in full screen. Please, please help identify everybody (and dating the shots) by clicking on the word "comments(s) " at the end of this post. And keep watching your e-mail and this page for more details about the reunion.

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