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July 1, 2006


Carol spotted this postcard for sale on Ebay. Rocky, his wife Lois, and Janet Weintraub Blake are trying to get more information from the seller. Anyone have any ideas?
If you'd like to see the original Ebay listing (but without the picture), click here. You can also enlarge the picture - and see the caption - by clicking on it. And you can leave any comments by clicking on the word "comments" just below.


Neil L said...

Changes at the camp. I was in Liberty this past weekend, to see my daughter's show at her camp, Stage Door Manor, in Loch Sheldrake. Funny name for a town with so many religious Jews! I stopped in at Chicalac, to see what, if anything had changed since my visit there last summer. When I visited last summer, there was a For Sale sign on the property. Obviously, it sold. The Main House has been razed and removed, along with the Playhouse and the handball court. The only structures left from the camp we remember Chicadee, Chicsville and Cherokee, which still have folks living in them. They were converted from bunks to some sort of poorly constructed house. There were bulldozers that were filling in, and leveling the lake bed, and re-routing the stream. The stream is the only thing left on the east side of the lake (waterfront side). What used to be the dam is totally gone. It looks like a house or two will go up on what used to be our lake. Funny to think that someone will be living on the same spot where I took my Senior Life Saving test, and where our dock used to stand. Also, since Dennis Baim died last year, the store and gas station must have been sold, as it isn't Baim's any more.....the sign is still there although the name has been whitewashed over.

There is much going on in Liberty. A ton of construction.....the road in and out of town now has a traffic circle on it. And the downtown area looks like the Green Zone of Baghdad....the street is totally torn up to be redone. Many of the businesses there are closed and gone. It really looks like a depressed area....not at all the cute, sleepy town that we remember. Interestingly enough, there is a very good, high-class Northern Italian restaurant at Rt. 17 exit to Liberty (exit 100). The place is really very high quality, where the waiters wear tuxedos and the food is New York City quality. It seems very out of place. This past weekend it was jammed, as all the Stage Door Manor parents ran there for dinner in between the afternoon and evening on Friday and Saturday.

Neil L said...

I posted 4 photos I took last week, which show the changes at camp. Check them out in the Camp 2005 album.

Corinne Selinger Weisbeg said...

It's so hard to picture our "Children's Paradise" the way Neil described it.